I’m all lost in the supermarket

Not to get all sentimental here, but, of the 150+ entries in Mommy Prayers, Prayer before the Grocery Store is my very favorite – the first one I wrote. 

Oh, God, please let this be a good and productive shop.

That’s because this prayer is 100% my reality. I’m a bit of an agoraphobic – Do.Not.Like to shop (read my Christmas whine if you really want a dose of anti-shopping ranting). 

Please let me keep my wits about me, even though I appear to have left my list at home. 

Problem is, Christmas comes but once a year, but the kiddos gotta eat and eat and eat, over and over again. Not to mention the dog, the mice, my husband and my own salt-snacky self.

Please give me the clarity of mind to remember that, like the animals on the ark, good things come in pairs…

So if you pull up to your local giant-mega-store and see next to you a woman with short hair and not enough makeup muttering to herself in the driver’s seat of a beat-up Volvo wagon, you’ll know you’ve caught me in the act of seeking divine guidance before the groceries. 

…the peanut butter and the jelly, the bagels and the cream cheese…

Because you know how high the stakes are: a good shop, the one where you remember everything and make it all work together (like, no garlic green beans with French toast; fresh fruit with French toast) – a shop like that can last a week and lighten your load immeasurably. 

… the Fresh Step and the Meow Mix…

A bad shop – cereal but no milk, apples but no apple juice, Kotex but no diapers – means you’re running out for one thing then another all week long. Add a couple of overtired kids hanging onto your kneecaps and grabbing every goodie off the shelves, and you’ve busted your budget and taken a few years off your life, psychologically at least. 

Please give me the time to do all this and not be late for preschool pickup … 

Amen to all that.


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One Response to “I’m all lost in the supermarket”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Again, I hear you.
    I’ve got the follow-up if the prayer doesn’t do it:

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