Working from home: The good, the bad and the chubby

Today is book publication day – whee! You’ll be relieved to know Mommy Prayers is now officially available from your favorite book vendors, physical or virtual.  

To mark the moment, Mr. Mommy Prayers had flowers sent – always a brilliant plan, darling – and I brought them right upstairs and wedged them on a postcard-sized space on my desk that was mysteriously clutter-free, so my “office” is now a (spare bed)Room with a View.

This seems like as good a time as any to salute the virtues (and pitfalls) of working from home, something I’ve been doing since just before my older son was born, back in another century.

Pluses: No need for Spanx, pencil skirts or an “accessories wardrobe”; flexible schedule permits attendance at midday elementary school recorder concerts; folding laundry while on speakerphone conference calls; always-there availability for kids & dog. 

Minuses: No way to justify Nordstrom purchases, not even off the sale rack; always-open kitchen; too-chatty neighbors; lack of centralized IT support for crappy, dying laptop; always-there availability for kids & dog. 

Unsurprisingly, with all that experience under my belt, a few Mommy Prayers do touch on the subject of Work from Home parenting. To wit: 

“Prayer When the Phone Rings” 

Dear God, I don’t see a lot of teenagers standing at their mother’s elbow saying, “Me talk, me talk, my turn Mama, me talk,” in ever-louder voices, so I’m assuming at some point my son will outgrow his obsession with the phone.

“Prayer for the Conference Call from Home” 

Dear God, forget calculating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin – what I need to know is, how loud can I turn up Sesame Street before my clients can hear Big Bird’s maniacal laugh on their end of the line? 

“Prayer for Multitasking at the Playground” 

Dear God, you would think from the dirty looks I am getting that people had never seen a BlackBerry before. Or a laptop computer. Or a briefcase. Or a protein salad to go, hold the dressing. Or maybe it’s just that they haven’t seen them all together, at the playground, on a sunny Friday morning? 

 and, of course,

“Prayer for Moms Who Work from Home”

Dear God, This seemed like such a great idea in theory. But now it’s my first week “working” from home in my newly renovated closet-turned-office, and there’s just one problem – there’s an infant in the house! What was I thinking?

What indeed. If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen…


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3 Responses to “Working from home: The good, the bad and the chubby”

  1. tanyetta Says:

    Congratulations on a job well done!!! LOVE your book!

  2. Tam Harbert Says:

    Congratulations on your book! I know a brand new mother who’s gonna get it as a gift soon . . . .

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