Boston-area party for smart(-mouthed) mamas

Did you know? Mommy Prayers had its debut on the back humor page of the fabulous, multiple-award-winning, psychofunkadelic Brain,Child, proudly subtitled, The Magazine for Thinking Mothers (we like Thinking Dads too, but that was going to make things too long, so we stuck with the moms). 

The original conceit was three prayers – Prayer Before the Grocery Store, Prayer at Preschool Pickup, and Prayer before Sex.

From that, all kinds of good things happened, most notably agent + publisher, and I’m far from the only Brain,Child contributor to have found very good luck in taking the smaller-but-deeply-more-excellent path to publishing.

 So imagine the breadth, depth, and color saturation of my joy when I tell you Brain,Child ‘s editors are heading north (from Va.) in the next 48 hours for a Boston Party!

Can you come? It’s this Sunday, May 23, 3 – 5 p.m. Grub St. Writing Center, 160 Boylston St., coffee and tea and SUGAR THINGS will be served, with the option to retire to a local libation center afterwards.

I’ll be reading from Mommy Prayers – for three transplendent minutes – but way more important, look who else is on the docket. Superstars, all: 

Catherine Newman (“Natural and (Unnatural) Selection,”
          Spring 2010, and “Two Hearts Beat as One,” Fall 2009)

 Katherine Ozment (if she hasn’t given birth to her third baby, due any moment now) (“The Last Hurrah,” Winter 2005)

Karen Dempsey (“Bad Medicine and Good”, Fall 2008)

Laura Fokkena (“The Secret Burden,” Fall 2003)

Martha Nichols (“What’s My Heritage?” Summer 2009, and “Guilt Trip into the Woods,” Spring 2010)

Nell Beram (“Who’s Your Daddy—and What the &@#$%!!! Is Wrong with Him?” Winter 2009)

Sarah Buttenwieser (“Velveteen Parents,” Winter 2002)

Norah Piehl (“Knit One, Write Two,” Fall 2007)

Robin Schoenthaler (“Cabin Pressure,” Fall 2002)

Audrey Schulman (Juliet Schor debate, Fall 2007)

Patricia Stacey (Teen sex debate, Winter 2010)

Please stop by, and bring a friend if you’d like, though we’re especially nice to shy, new and solo mamas.

C’mon down, don’t make us eat all those brownies by ourselves!


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2 Responses to “Boston-area party for smart(-mouthed) mamas”

  1. capabilitymom Says:

    Have a brownie for me – I will making dinner for hungry soccer players. My sister-in-law and sisters all loved your book. Thank you.

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