Aw, hipster dads. How much do we love them?

The Mommy Prayers traveling road show is back at home base after a couple of forays out into the wide world, a thrill indeed for a crew that sometimes counts grocery shopping as the big field trip for the week.

Brain,Child goes to Chicago's Women and Children First bookstore

First up, Chicago, where the wonderful Brain,Child team, windy city edition, filled the iconic Women and Children First bookstore to overflowing. Hearts and flowers to all who showed up to listen and to read – among  them Beth Kohl, Sara Levine, B.E. Pinkham, and Gale Renee Walden. (And is it shallow of me to note how stylish the mamas of Chicago are? Something told me we weren’t in Boston anymore — there wasn’t a Birkenstock or clog to be spied in the crowd.)

Best of all, some of the writers brought their husbands along, always a happy occurrence in our pro-Dad book. We nodded in all-too-painful recognition when Molly McNett and her man Dan Libman co-read a funny back-and-forth piece on fighting for quality time when both partners work from home.

And we nodded just as hard at Sharla Stewart’s gentle lamentation on how an equal-partners relationship can look and feel awfully 1950’s when mom winds up staying home and dad goes off to make the donuts every day. Been there, done that, sister.

Mommy Prayers: The Book has much material dedicated to the Y-chromosome gang – Prayer for Roughhousing, Prayer for My Husband Out with the Guys, Prayer for Dad Without the Diaper Bag, and, of course, Prayer for Getting Caught In Flagrante.

To honor the dads – the ones who joined us at Chicago and the ones who play such a central role in our children’s lives whether they’re at home or at the office – I offer up a snippet from Prayer for Daddy Coming Through the Door:

Holy God, What time is it? Is it 6:40 yet? Six-forty is when my man walks through that door, and Lord, we cannot wait another minute.

I know I can be hard on my husband sometimes, but the day is so staggeringly long with two little kids, and he’s gone for such a big chunk of it.

Please make sure he knows how much his homecoming means to us. Some nights, the sound of his step on the threshold and the sight of his handsome, tired face is enough to make me cry.

Thank you for bringing him home safe to us every night. And thank you that he remembered the diapers and Goldfish like I asked him to. Amen.


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