Tina Fey Loves Mommy Prayers! (kinda) (maybe) (sorta)

Here at the Mommy Prayers Hulu-watching headquarters, we love us some Tina Fey — and yes, we’re entirely aware that statement is hardly putting a stake in the ground. I mean, what woman under the age of — oh, hell any age — doesn’t love Tina? She’s the falling-apart-yet-somehow-completely-together everywoman we all wish we were.

So it comes as zero surprise that on top of raising a child, writing, producing and starring in a hit TV comedy, playing Sarah Palin much better than SP can, and doing all the other stuff she does (Oprah!), Tina wrote a book. And that book shot up to No. 1. Again, no shocker.

What’s surprising, in the loveliest kind of way, is that Queen Tina loved Mommy Prayers so much that she wrote one of her own — Prayer for a Daughter.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like an entry from Mommy Prayers, only for the next generation? (An idea, by the way, that only about 900 people have suggested to me for a Mommy Prayers sequel.) Such a touching homage. Imagine the depths of my gratitude knowing that Tina Fey is aping my book.

Except, of course, she’s not. At least, I have no reason to think she’s ever seen Mommy Prayers in her life. I cannot tell a lie: if someone less famous did this, I’d be the teensiest bit put out — like, holla, girl, get your own ideas for parenting humor, I got this one covered already.

But it’s Tina Fey and that makes it all different. So I’ll just sit here quietly, with my little book, and bask in the reflected glow of All That Is Tina. You know what they say, Great minds think alike!

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3 Responses to “Tina Fey Loves Mommy Prayers! (kinda) (maybe) (sorta)”

  1. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie) Says:

    Any likeness by association with Miss Fey is definitely worth a holla! I just downloaded her book Bossypants (on the advice of a friend) and was laughing myself to sleep last night – in bed, under the covers, with a booklight. Love that.

  2. Sarah Buttenwieser Says:

    Great minds think alike, my friend. She is, let’s imagine, stoking your glow.

  3. Cindy H Says:

    I have to tell you, I just read Bossypants, and when I read that prayer it made me think of you! And I also thought, based on my memories of the many walks home from school when my sides ached from laughing, that you could have had her career too! (P.S. The Sarah Palin chapter was great.)

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