George Jetson or Fred Flintstone?

Happy Earth Day, friends. Before I even had kids, one of my favorite bumper stickers ever was the one with a picture of our beautiful blue planet and the words “Love your mother.” Of course, once you become a mom, it’s all doubly wonderful and funny — love ME, love my planet, babies.

But truly I do believe being a parent is a huge motivator to think more about the health of our planet, and of all of us spinning on it together.

To that end, I was super-flattered to have **one sentence** of my writing included in a new book, out to coincide with Earth Day, called Honeycomb Kids: Big Picture Parenting for a changing world…and to change the world. Check it out.

And because I know you’re just dying to know what the **one** sentence was, here ’tis, in context:

But there are looming threats to this ideal world, and if we don’t factor them into our parenting, we’re parenting in a vacuum. Writing in Brain,Child Magazine, Tracey [sic] Mayor summed up parenting in a changing world well when she asked, “What if we’re raising our kids to succeed in a George Jetson kind of world, but they wind up living more like Fred Flintstone?” 

That’s it! Go love your mother today ❤

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